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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Lisa AKA 'Link'24/Female/Ireland Groups :icontwisted-twilis: Twisted-Twilis
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COR- June assignment Big Al by The-Linkinator COR- June assignment Big Al :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 7 2 COR- June assignment Dax by The-Linkinator COR- June assignment Dax :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 8 2 Cover Drawings by The-Linkinator Cover Drawings :iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 4 2
COR- Dax the Mad Dog
District: Dogs of Paradise
Name: Dax
Nicknames: the Mad Dog, The Reaper
Gender: male
Age: 3
Species: American Akita
Position/Rank: Enforcer
Height: 30in
Weight:  130lbs
Breed Tier: Large
Armor: Metal plates over his shoulders and back that are held by crude leather straps. He also wears a crude metal helmet that leaves his snout and mouth uncovered, (look up Fallout 4 dog armour), he also wears leather and metal bracers on his legs. He always wears a skull bandana and chain around his neck.
Weapons: Other than his own fangs and claws, Dax likes to use anything he can as a weapon during a fight and using the environment to his advantage. He carries a few long blades but only tends to use them if he is really really pissed off.
Description:  Dax is a big brute of an Akita, a stocky muscular build, wide head with triangular ears. His fur is short and coloured with light beige undermarkings, Mapple main coat and dark brown markings. Left eye is green while the other is covered by
:iconthe-linkinator:The-Linkinator 4 3
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The-Linkinator's Profile Picture
Lisa AKA 'Link'
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey guys, the names Lisa but i preferred to be called by my nickname Link. Just thought i’ll put up some info on myself here.

Height: 5'6'' i think

Gender: Female

Gay, straight, or bi?: Straight

current status: taken :iconevildevilking: my rickie XD

likes: Gears of war, Mass Effect, Halo, Call of Duty, Red vs Blue, Aliens, Predators, Werewolves, Legend of Zelda, WWE, GNG, GDW, Pokemon, Star fox, Assassin’s Creed. Black Dagger Brotherhood, AvP, Saints Row, Underworld, Full Metal Alchemist, Drawing, Manga, Anime, Dragon Ball z, Gaming, Snooker, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot. NFS, Skyrim, Viking history, Military stuff, Riddick, Pirates of the Caribbean. Mortal Kombat, Resident evil, Skyrim

Dislikes: Anything Girly!! My little Pony (bronys please respect my opinion), X-factor, Britains got talent, getting mistaken for being English, and more just can’t be bothered writing them.

Favorite bands: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Paramore, Linkin Park, Dragonforce, X-Ray Dog, Elvis Presley, Infected Mushroom, TeamHeadKick, Justice, Powerglove. Rise against, Jeff Williams, Two steps from hell.

personality: 100% Tomboy, Most the time i’m shy and prefer to keep to myself but once i get to know someone i’m open and a good friend. But i am easy to annoy and it sometimes doesn’t take much to get me to get angry sometimes not for the right reasons.

My persona’s
-GhostBlade (Legend of Zelda) (Sheikah Assassin)
-Link Vas Nedas Nar Tasi (Mass Effect) (Quarain Biotic)
- Doru (Mass Effect) (Krogan Merc)
-Izumi (Gears of War) (Kantus Knight)
-Taze (Predator) (Yautja Clan Leader)
-X’Hix (Aliens) (Xenomorph Crusher/Praetorian)
-Hazard (Aliens Colonial Marines) (Merc/Bodyguard)
-Tarja Rakyat (Warhammer 40k) (Chaos Space Marine)
-Metal-Face (DOOM) (Cyberdemon/Hellknight)
-Riza Havardr (Skyrim) (Daedric Werewolf)
-Lyssa Carson (Fallout New Vegas) (NCR Ranger)
-Savannah Ryder (Prototype 2) (prototype blacklight infected)
-Diablo (Tasmanian Devil fursona/Demon)
-Jack (Resident Evil) (U.S.S. Operative)
-Payne (Halo) (Brute Chieftain)
- Link-X93 (Halo) (Spartan II)
-Ryo Hasashi (Mortal Kombat) (Shirai Ryu)


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